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Higher Institute of the civilizations of the ancient Near East is the Graduate Institute Organziation for Studies of the University of Zagazig, Egypt, located in the city of Zagazig - the capital of the eastern province - about 70 km north of Cairo's eastern Delta and the Nile Valley.
   The Higher Institute of the civilizations of the ancient Near East of unique scientific institutes Egypt is not on the level, but also at the level of the Middle East, which is interested in reading the history of the area that was cradle of monotheistic religions, which has seen the oldest human civilizations in the history of the ancient world.
  Featuring Institute museum is one of the best academic museums, featuring between the flanks more than 2,500 after each one of the rare effects that have been extracted through this ambitious project undertaken by the University of Zagazig, a project of archaeological excavations in the area of ​​Tel Basta (pre- Bastet) since 1978, which lasted until the year 1998 in addition to the KFOR area star - Abrahamic Center East province since 1984.
  We hope from God the Almighty to the study performed in the institute to increase ties and brotherhood between the peoples of the region, and add step-by-step on civilized way what was done and pursued by Egypt throughout the ages as a leader in advancing humanitarian and development of civilization.
    Required for the student's enrollment in the civilizations of the ancient Near East that have obtained a bachelor's degree in literature from history sections, Oriental Languages, effects "Divisions Egyptian, Greek and Romanian effects" in addition to the graduates of the Faculty of Archaeology (Divisions Egyptian and Islamic monuments) or a university degree recognized by the equation, study provided some of the material proposed by the scientific section and approved by the faculty Council and approved by the University Council to be internal coordination between students and applicants in accordance with the capacity of the colleges.
       Applications for entry in September of each year, and the duration of enrollment for a master's degree at least three years from the date of the institute, including board approval two years of study and the third to write search the supervision of a faculty member who is entitled to supervision under the law of the universities, and this research complements a study to get Masters degree .
     He holds a master's degree assessments for the study exam twice a year during the months of May and September, and if the student fails in one or more subjects performed the examination in all subjects second floor directly.
     Prohibits the student from the exam if prescribed attendance percentage has failed to meet a 70% of the total theoretical lectures and practical, and pass the exams with a total sum of at least 70%, to be a great end of each theoretical course or practical "practical" 20 "degree and writing material Find successfully.
    Students are required to register for the doctoral degree to be a holder of a master's at least a good grade degrees.
      The student research on the subject of innovative approved by the Board of the Institute on the proposal of the Department Council and the approval of the university for at least two years from the date of approval of the Board of the Institute on the registration of the subject.
      Registration for five years for doctoral degree and student may be granted an extraordinary period not exceeding two years, based on the supervisor's report and the approval of the competent department.

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